We provide professional Dry Cleaning services. We help protect your favorite clothes from the damage water can do, instantly or over time, and we've been doing just that for half of a century!

Weldon's Cleaners follows the best practices that all reputable dry cleaners should follow, and many of them do. Our convenient locations are in the same communities that we and the great people we work with live, so we must be diligent in protecting our environment and natural resources. Our recapturing and recycling program eliminates practically all traces of dry cleaning solvent from being released into the precious air we breathe. Whether you live here in town or you are visiting from afar you can be confident that you will receive the level of service you have grown to expect out of the modern dry cleaning industry.


We have two laundromat locations with washers and dryer to meet all your self-service cleaning needs. They are:

644 Crater Lake Ave, Medford 97504
Hours: 7am - 10pm  (Click for Map).

711 West Stewart Ave, Medford 97501
Hours: 6am - 10pm  (Click for Map).


Sometimes you just can't hang out in a laundromat. You may have an appointment, or more errands to run than there are hours in a day. If all you need is a load ran through the wash, dried, and folded up for you we can do that by the pound.

We use top-tier commercial machines for our wash-and-fold customers, along with high quality cleaning products which are safe for you and our environment. Some might call it just laundry but we'll treat it as well as we would the most expensive tailored suit.

drop off landromats

Weldon's does offer alterations and repairs; we have an in-house seamstress that can take care of all your needs. Valentina can alter wedding dresses, tailor suits, hem pants & dresses, mend and much more. Come in and see her Monday-Thursday 8am-12:30pm, or call to make an appointment.

alterations for clothes

For large rugs we are unable to clean ourselves we have a wonderful relationship with a professional rug cleaner. We can facilitate having your sizeable area rugs cleaned with this excellent local provider. We do require a deposit, but the process is otherwise as seamless as any other item you bring in to us.

rug cleaning

Great news! We have a free pick-up and delivery service available to much of the greater Rogue Valley. We specialize in business, medical, and dental offices where presentation is prominent, and in service industries where a good job is top priority. Our professional and courteous drivers will work directly with you and your staff to maximize convenience, and minimize your cleaning burden.

Depending on your situation, and your location, we have several options available:

btBi-Weekly or Weekly Rotation - Your scrubs, towels, and other laundry is picked up and cleaned by the pound. These items are returned folded to you usually within a few days. Since there is a minimum weight charge we can work with you on a pickup schedule which saves on your bottom line.
btSemi-Weekly Routine Service - You and your people need to look and feel sharp, at all times, no exceptions. Whether you are in an office or an emergency service vehicle, your presentation is critical. We can take care of your high turnaround needs with a twice-per-week, comprehensive approach to your clothes. Popular with a variety of places from hotel desks to law offices to financial experts.

While we do not charge anything extra for our pickup and delivery service, there are minimum pickup and service area restrictions that may apply. Please call for more information at 541-772-7973..